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About This Game

Mysteriously crash landed on a strange world, stranded only with their trusted hovercraft to keep them safe. Doughbee must survive the wave-based bullet hell and overcome Deadly enemies and bosses. Use the hovercraft to blast all the foes trying to erase you from this trippy new reality.

Collect cash to upgrade your abilities and earn perks for unique playstyle customization. Defeat increasingly challenging enemies and bosses to survive 100+ rounds.

Basic Abilities

This arcade roguelike features twitchy 8 directional movements, a chargeable shot, dash and 3 custom actions. Collect cash from foes to purchase gumballs after every round and upgrade your hovercrafts 6 Attributes.

• Dodge attacks with increased Acceleration and Speed
• Enhance survivability with Regeneration and Dash Stamina
• Increase impact with Blaster Speed and Damage

Add Abilities with Perks!

Progress to unlock game-changing perks. All deadly or specialized in their own way, Perks can drastically alter your playstyle or cover a weak spot in your build. Stack perks or use them in combination to craft the most effective build. Choose wisely, new challenges will test the limits of your strategy.

• Overpower your foes with elemental damage, and explosive directional attacks
• Build a fortress with Decoy, Turrets, Portal and more structures
• Gain an instant edge with vehicles
• Survive with Vampire, Reincarnation, Time Slow and more
• Harpoon, Tracker, and Rambo change Dougbee’s shot
• Attack up close with elemental dashes, Pendulum and even a Sword

Face Challenging Foes

Crowds of dangerous reactive enemies will get your adrenaline pumping. Progress through the waves and face increasingly difficult foes.
Use cash and perks to upgrade accordingly and keep up with new threats. Higher level enemies will try to outmaneuver you with new mechanics and new tactics. Get hit too many times and you will start to fade away.

Prepare to Handle Elite Bosses!

10 unique boss fights, each with crazy abilities. Prepare in order to survive. Learn from your mistakes and create a build capable of defeating all 10 bosses. Choose perks wisely and balance your build to beat all 100 waves.

Survive for Rewards

Earn candy through gameplay. Use this resource in the menu between games.

• Customize Doughbee’s laser sight and reticle
• Pre purchase perks to get an edge in the next game
• Defeat bosses to unlock purchasable checkpoint starts

No microtransactions whatsoever, just a fun game. Play to unlock rewards.

Play to Unlock

Candy is not the only reward to earn in battle. Complete objectives and reach milestones to earn badges, tapes, and lore.

Badges can buff, upgrade or modify Doughbee and their perks.

Tapes are collected from bosses and can be played from the Boombox found in the menu. Loop and time warp 10 unique tracks.

Collect data for the Book of Sgiggy and gain a deep knowledge about the world Doughbee now inhabits.

Double the Chaos with local Co-op

Add a player 2 to any game and play linked with Doughbee as Calm. Use teamwork to create killer perk combanations and synergy. Work together and stay alive to defeat massive waves of enemies and high pressure boss rounds.


• 100+ perilous waves
• 50+ game changing perks to combine and stack
• 6 attributes to level up
• 10 unique and deadly bosses
• 36+ enemy types to overcome
• 10 unlockable music tracks and a time warping Boombox
• Book of lore with 35+ discoverable pages
• 9 specialization badges for added re-playability
• Buyable cosmetics, starter perks, and skips to boss rounds.
• Zero microtransactions

Buy Doughbee now to engage in an epic battle against dangerous enemies and lethal bosses. Earn perks and choose your strategy. Allocate upgrades to create a unique playstyle every time for hours of nail-biting fun. Are you ready to survive?

Title: Doughbee

Genre: Indie


One Entity



Release Date: 10 Sep, 2023

System Requirements


    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: 1 GB
    • Processor: info
    • Memory: 1 GB GB RAM
    • Graphics: info
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 400 MB MB available space
    • Sound Card: info
    • VR Support: Xbox Controllers

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

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