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Choose Your Character

Choose the one that suits you best among twenty characters and start with the weapon you like the most!

Choose Your Cards and Determine Your Gameplay

This rogue-like survival game has endless gameplay until you die! How long can you survive in this game where you will fight unique creatures coming from all four corners? Determine your playstyle with powerful cards and fight accordingly, try to survive for the longest time, and don’t forget to kill as many enemies as you can while doing this!

Capabilities and Features

  • 10+ different gameplay-influencing abilities,
  • Different maps with their distinctive parts. (For example, a bomb drop from the air, sandstorm, etc.),
  • Unlimited playing time as long as you can survive,
  • You can buy different items, from the in-game merchant!
  • Card system that allows you to get stronger,
  • Heal up with the food items that spawn on the map,
  • Grab all the exp in the map from afar with the magnet!

Updates will come to the game with new seasons every month! This will be the Myth Season, which brings the first Mythology gods to the game in updates!

There is also a shop where you can customize the main hands of your characters!

Shape your gameplay with different classes and different characters.

Each map is a different experience!

Compete on different maps! Each map has their own unique features, such as bomb drops and blinding sandstorms!

You can play with your friends!

  • This feature is currently under development but will be playable online soon!

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Title: Impact

Genre: Action, Indie, Early Access


RedPunch Studios


RedPunch Studios

Release Date: 6 Nov, 2023

System Requirements


    • OS: Win 10
    • Processor: Intel I7 870
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 7600 GT (256 MB)

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