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About This Game

《The Last Town》The Last Twon is a first-person shooter, tower defense, strategy, and survival indie game.Using equipment to resist the tide of corpses, there are a variety of weapons designed for this game.
More than 20 weapons: Gatling, Flametrower, RPG (2), Grenade Launcher, M100 Machine Gun, Sniper Rifle (3), Shotgun (2), Automatic Rifle (3), Submachine Rifle (5), Pistol (5)
Free to add accessories to the gun to reduce recoil, reduce sound, expand the magazine, add aiming methods for a better kill experience, use aiming and crouching to shoot more accurately.
[Fixed] Earn gold by killing zombies, which can be used to buy guns in the store.Accessories (muzzle compensator, silencer, red dot sight, expansion magazine);Ammunition (ammunition for all types of firearms);
Consumables (medical kit, cans, cola, bandages);Defensive equipment (power grid, single machine gun, double machine gun, barbs, mortars, carrion)
With 50 kinds of zombies, zombies have their own armor to reduce damage and various attributes, which make them different and enrich the game.But both have weaknesses.
Wild Zombies: With sight, sound, and touch to sense the player’s location, these zombies are often a reward for the player. Use a non-silencer muzzle to draw zombies closer to the player to kill them, which may be a quick way to harvest.
Deadpool Zombies: Deadpool Zombies can climb over obstacles to destroy their targets. They seem to have a clear purpose, but they still can’t resist carrion and pain.
Survival Mechanism:
Health: zero will directly lead to death, can use the medical kit to recover.
Stamina, Water: When zero, it will continue to reduce the player’s health. Can be restored with cans and cola.
Bleeding: up to 5 layers, each layer will continue to bleed, when reached 4 layers, serious injury, will lead to unable to run, can use bandage to stop bleeding.
A physics engine is also used to simulate explosions and flips in order to restore reality.

Title: The Last Town: Excape

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Strategy


GF Game Studio


GF Game Studio

Release Date: 30 Apr, 2021

System Requirements


    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: inter i3-2100 / AMD A8-5600ki
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GRX 630 / Radeon HD 6570
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 1 GB available space

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